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As a business owner, you deserve to rest assured that your valuable assets are protected from any ill-intention or misuse. The best way to achieve this is through commercial access control systems. Access control is a security operation combined with enforced policies that manages permissions to secured assets. These protected assets can be tangible (important documents, equipment, etc.) or virtual (computing domains, digital networks, etc.). Think of it as a padlock and only a select few--sometimes through role-based access control (RBAC)--have the key.

Having the proper commercial access control systems can save you from a world of hurt. If your assets are vulnerable, there's always a chance that they could be accessed and corrupted. Sensitive information could be shared and people's trust in your business could be compromised. Read on to learn more about how access control system installation works.

What is a commercial access control system?

An access control system (ACS) is the system used to securely monitor and maintain the safety of the protected property or information. An ACS can include an access control panel with lockdown areas and alarms to prevent access to sensitive zones or unauthorized operations.

The system identifies, authenticates and authorizes users and other entities using authentication determinants such as biometric scans, passwords, and pins. The primary operations of an ACS is to determine whether the credentialed individual meets specific conditions and has permission to access the logical or physical asset of interest.

How does a commercial access control system work?

The first step an ACS must perform is the identification of the person seeking access to the secured logical or physical asset. Next, the individual must be evaluated to ensure their identity is authentic and being used by the appropriate user. After successful authentication, the user is authorized to access any of the secured assets, only to the extent that their rights allow. If the ACS cannot authenticate a user, access is denied. Depending on the type of system and protected asset, an audible or visual alarm is triggered and security personnel or the administrator is notified immediately.

What is the difference between having a logical or physical commercial access control system?

A logical commercial access control system manages virtual access to digital resources, data and computer networks. A basic example of this is sharing permissions on a Google file such as a document, spreadsheet, or data visualization. Its physical counterpart regulates access to tangible assets, such as buildings and rooms. At a fundamental level, this could mean requiring scannable identification for employees to enter the office.

What kind of equipment is necessary for a commercial access control system installation?

The technologies used in designing and building an ACS can be grouped into four basic categories:

  • Physical control equipment: The physical elements could be barriers, turnstiles, portals, bollards, and facilities for guards.
  • Cipher locks or tokens: An ACS can also use cipher locks or tokens, such as magnetic stripe cards, keycard door systems and identification badges.
  • Biometric system: Another widely used tool is a biometric system, which includes iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, hand and finger geometry.
  • Assistive technologies: They can include specially designed hardware and technological considerations that allow disabled persons to use an ACS.

Commercial Access Control Systems Put Your Business First

When your business chooses to install an access control system, in whatever form, you're increasing your security tenfold. In doing so, you're putting your clients, employees, and other business entities first. Security breaches have resulted in the demise of otherwise successful businesses. Eliminate that possibility with an access control system installation tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Access Control Systems Nationwide

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